Color Expert

 “I believe in strict attention to detail, precise technique, and personalization – There is a shade for everybody.”

My Color Theory

I formulate color with the precision of a scientist and the enthusiasm of a true artist.

It is this combination of skill and passion that distinguishes my skills from the norm and makes me an in-demand color expert. 


I’ve cultivated the innate ability to recognize even the most minuscule detail in the undertones of my client’s skin, and eye color.

Yes! Our skin and eye color clues me into the undertones that our hair will or will not pull.

It truly is chemistry and science!

I love to customize the proper color mixture and application to create the exact look each client desires, in a way that compliments their individual complexion. 

It can be as simple as a lustrous shade of dark brown or as complex as multi-colored, multi-dimensional custom color.

I always work with each individual’s complexion, skin, and eye color when preparing my color mixture.

No two people have the exact same color combination, even if the end result appears very similar to the eye. My goal is to create a cohesive and gorgeous final result that amplifies the beauty of my clients. 

Specialty Shades


My rule of thumb with blondes is to take it slow. It’s safer for the hair to build up the blonde slowly rather than blast it to uber-blonde brightness.

My first priority is the hair’s integrity!

I’ve learned over the years how to say “No.” Why? Because I always do what is best for your hair!

I still struggle with this because I want to please my clients but I’d rather put my foot down than negatively affect your hair.”

 If it’s not healthy then I won’t do it. If your hair isn’t healthy then your color won’t be as pretty!

I won’t compromise the health of your hair!

That’s why I use Olaplex. It allows me to push the limits of blonde hair without damaging it. 

I like to do sandy neutral/beige/ash Blondes. I like the natural, beachy, and effortless look.

I tend to stay away from yellow and gold unless it matches my client’s complexion. I love the perfect little girl or surfer look! 

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